This week we talk about books, the books we are reading and have read recently. 

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Hargraves Home and Hearth Scripture Writing 

When Sheep Attack Dennis R. Maynard

Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse–and Freeing Yourself from Its Power Wade Mullen

Beyond Culture Wars: Is America a Mission Field or a Battlefield? Michael Horton 

Pilgrim Theology: Core Doctrines for Christian Disciples Michael Horton 

Dear Mrs. Bird: A Novel (1) (The Emmy Lake Chronicles) AJ Pearce

The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep: A Novel H. G. Parry 

The Dark Is Rising (5 book series) Susan Cooper 

Firebird Kathy Tyers 

ARENA Karen Hancock

Light of Eidon (Legends of the Guardian-King, Book 1) Karen Hancock 

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